Photography is connection.

Connection' is the word that hangs in my mind like a memory. As photographers, we know the word, yet for so many, lost familiarity with the meaning. It's become performative. It better do its task or it will be thrown to the wayside as if it were disposable. When in truth, it is everything.

To connect with a subject I photograph I first must connect with myself, as the photographer. As the perfectly-imperfect human holding the camera. To do so I must wade in the mire of past trauma, unhealed hurts, and all the ways I've closed up parts of myself deemed 'not enough' yet 'too much'. Ready to make nice, I discover the girl I was tricked into hating. Now I can declare with the boldness that comes with the Spring, I love her. Her smooth. Her edges. All of her.

Still cooling with the embers of the lessons that have made me burn and crumble, yet grow ... I come into the new season armed with a knowledge that has always been within. The journey begins. A new aspect of my photography. A birthing. An unraveling.

Step in front of my camera and I will show you who you are. The magic. The beauty. The one who fought so hard. This warrior-woman you are, surviving the night. Daylight is here. Only because first I learned who I am and to face my own daylight, can I give this gift to you.

We've become so good at hiding.

One of the most soul-baring experiences one can entertain is sitting in front of a photographer's lens. The utmost of vulnerabilities.

Without much thought, we photographers expect our clients to perform this often uncomfortable feat session after session.

Dripping with expectation, "They better be vulnerable and visible in front of the camera"... All the while, we hide behind the camera.

I was the Queen of the Unseen. Always hiding. Only revealing just enough of myself to give an impression of wholeness and enoughness. Hiding behind the talent granted to me freely... "Just look at my beautiful work....please don't see ME."

The way I can SERVE my client to the fullest is to show up fully connected to myself, then give my clients the 'gift of going second' as I choose TO BE VULNERABLE FIRST by being my authentic self and all that may encompass. Silly jokes. Pensive pauses. Not having the answers right away. Sometimes silence. Sweaty brow. Correcting posing. Then correcting it again.

Then and only then am I able to hold space for them as they have the room to unfold and unfurl without my own insecurities filling all space in the room. I want to be that safe place for clients. But I first must lead the way and be that safe place for MYSELF.

MOre than a workshop...this is an invitation

The Four Pillars of the Workshop


Connection (the Body)

The body is the path to healing in a way the mind could never be. I will show you how the body directs us to the path of personal restoration and emotion regulation. Here we will first connect to US, then we will be free and full to connect to others (family, clients, etc.) Connection is the foundation of it all.


Intimacy (Vulnerable)

What does vulnerable mean? It's the abilitiy to be authentic and release control on how others receive and react to you. Here we will address co-dependency tendencies, self-abandonment, outside validation, people pleasing (all hindrances in business) and step into intimacy with ourselves, and others -- SAFELY.


Being Seen (Visibility)

Here I will cover visibility blocks + wounds. What are visibility wounds? In life and in business they show up as the fear of being seen (marketing, social media). In today's day, our clients want to SEE us as to discern if we are of substance and worthy of trust and investment. Self-leadership and personal power are the antidote to visibility fears.


Wealth (Worthy)

Here I will cover wealth + money wounds which are often related to worth and childhood experiences and beliefs around money and providership. Think to your youth - how did your father provide for you as a child? Well? Not at all? Money is masculine by nature - how is it providing for you today? Do you feel worthy to be provided for fully?

The Photoshoots

This is a hands-on workshop. If you like to do your own thing and have your instructor leave you be, this is not the event for you. I want to partner with you. Step in the ring with you. Look you in the eye and call you out when I feel you are hiding yourself. Not to judge you, but to call you forth into the powerful woman + photographer you are...

► Since this will be a smaller event, I can tailor the model selection based on what attendees most want to photograph, whether kids, teens or high-school seniors, couples, women, boudoir, small family. This will be discussed in the private group for retreat attendees.

► We will dive into the concepts taught and bring them to life by both having some time taking self-portraits (self-connection) and sitting in front of one another's cameras and practicing vulnerability and being seen as an empathetic practice as to how our clients may feel.

► The models will be more geared towards older teens and women of different ages and stages.

► There will be 2 photoshoots woven throughout the day (each day) in order to utilize both indoor + outdoor spaces on the property.

► Working with natural light indoors + out ... harsh light + golden hour light

► Story-Movement: how to use flow-posing + emotive storytelling (my favorite)

Bonus Branding Shoot: for those who wish to get snaps of themselves for their own branding + social media. Completely optional, but completely fun. And have you seen this place?

Past Workshop Models + Styling

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“"She who reconciles the ill-matched threads
of her life, and weaves them gratefully
into a single cloth–
it’s she who drives the loudmouths from the hall
and clears it for a different celebration."”