Differences between the texas workshops

Okay, I know what some of you may be thinking. There are two Texas workshops, in the same timeframe.

"Is there a difference between the two and how do I know which I want to attend?"

Usually my back-to-back workshops I try to have them run the same as possible, however, there ARE some differences between the Dallas Workshop and the Round Top Workshop and I will outline them below.

Dallas Workshop

April 19th + 20 2021

  • This workshop does NOT include any lodging. Attendees are responsible for finding their own lodging, however, I will make suggestions in the pre-workshop private group.
  • This workshop will have a live demo of one of my connection sessions
  • This workshop will have styled sets, however, be much lighter on the large props
  • This workshop will have a more fine art feel (sets, wardrobe, posing)
  • This workshop will have more big dresses (designer dresses) + backdrops + hair pieces, etc.
  • This workshop will be mostly indoors of the large natural-light barn
  • Working with a local professional set stylist that will have some fun + beautiful sets for us

Round Top Workshop

April 25 + 26 2021

  • This workshop includes one night of lodging at the workshop location, The Wander Inn by the Junk Gypsies.
  • This workshop will have an optional vintage prom by the fire pit outdoors (9-11pm)
  • This workshop will be more prop-heavy -- meaning, lots of props and styled areas to shoot
  • The props belong to the amazing Junk Gypsies who are known for LOTS of vintage finds + they will be styling a set or two - plus lots of old cars, trucks, neon signs, etc.
  • The Junk Gypsies will be lending us some of their amazing boots to use for shoots as needed
  • There will be big dresses, but be room for the more simpler looks too. Which is what some attendees find easier to go home and replicate rather than needing to rent/buy a bunch of big dresses.
  • For those who want more of a connection as you will have more time to bond with the attendees.
  • This workshop will have both indoor and outdoor shooting available for your portfolio
  • More relaxed setting and casual feel.

Otherwise, we are planning the same menus for lunch and I will be teaching the same curriculum. Models will vary by availability.

In the end, it comes down to your personal tastes and what you hope to walk away with portfolio wise. BOTH WORKSHOP LOCATIONS WILL BE EPIC. Is a big natural light barn more of your branding? Or are you wanting to try something more out of the box or change up your branding?