Vegas Desert Rose Shoot together

What is a Shoot Together? Well, it is what's normally known as a "photographer shootout", however, out of respect for the victims of the Vegas mass shooting I'm calling it a shoot together for advertising purposes.


Photographers, are you looking for a fresh portfolio of images, but dread gathering new models, arranging hair and makeup, and providing an all-new wardrobe? I've got that covered for you! All you need to do is simply show up and capture beautiful images at my boho-themed shootout in Las Vegas, NV.


  • Location: Nelson's Ghost Town in Nelson Nevada (read FAQ below for more)

  • Date: Sunday, October 16th, 2022

  • Time: 2pm - 4pm (extended two-hour shoot) (usable light ends earlier out there due to the mountain)

  • Rate: SOLD OUT

Limited Spots: Photographers will be broken up into smaller group sizes and the areas we will be shooting in will be very large and FULL of old buildings, vehicles, and more to play with. Trust me, you will not be tripping over people trying to get your shot. You will have time for one-on-one time with models and pose them yourself or watch others to see how they pose, etc.

► My favorite part ... we will end our time together with SMOKE BOMBS. ** always done with permission and safety measures taken, of course.

Featuring beautiful models in boho-inspired outfits (ages 10 to 21). Click here to view models and styling from past workshops/shootouts I've hosted. MOST MODELS (if not all) WILL HAVE A SECOND CHANGE OF CLOTHES DURING SHOOTOUT

Spots are non-refundable however you can sell your spot to another photographer

Be sure to view the gallery of images below

The location is acres full of every kind of unique vehicle or bus you can think of ... plus the property is peppered with plenty of interesting props, and old buildings (many you can shoot inside as well). There is even a new opened walled chapel, a few airplanes, a vintage fire truck, and much more.

I've shot here dozes of times and will be your tour guide (as well as photographing right beside you) -- I think one of my favorite memories is doing a private shoot here and the guys from Thunder Down Under were also filming a shoot too. Pretty interesting day. Learned they have someone whose sole job is to "oil them down".

Enough of that ... other than that, this place is pretty tame and owned by a very nice family.

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What if i can no longer attend?

All payments are non-refundable, however, you are welcome to sell your seat to another photographer.

Contact me as soon as you know you cannot attend as I may have a wait list for those who wish to attend.

Who can attend a Shootout?

Any photographer is welcomed whether the seasoned pro, just getting started or hobbyist.

My only requirement is you follow my rules and send in a few images to the model's parents as a thank you for their time modeling for you. All outlined in the contract.

Can I use the images I take online?

Yes, of course, you may use the images for your business website, portfolio, and social media. This is a great way to promote sessions for your business without the hassle of assembling it all yourself.

How Do I get there?

This information will be given in great detail to attendees prior to the event in the private shootout Facebook group

What airport should I fly into?

The Las Vegas International Airport is your best bet -- the shooting location is literally in the middle of nowhere about 50 miles from the city of Vegas.

You will join a private group for attendees prior to event in which you can discuss car pooling and other info.