Photography is Connection

'Connection' is the word that hangs in my mind like a memory. As photographers, we know the word, yet for so many, lost familiarity with the meaning. It's become performative. Something we want clients to do, but yet, we won't lead the way with our own self-connection.

To connect with a subject I photograph I first must connect with myself. Myself.

To do so I must wade in the mire of past trauma, unhealed hurts, and all the ways I've closed up parts of myself deemed 'not enough' yet 'too much'.

Ready to make nice, I discover the girl I once knew, as myself ... who I was tricked into hating; to my own slow demise.

But no more. Now I can declare with a boldness that comes with the Spring, I love her. All of her.

As I head into new beginnings, yet still cooling with the embers of the lessons that have made me burn + crumble, yet grow ... I come into the new season armed with a knowledge that has always been within.

The journey begins. A new aspect of my photography. A birthing. An unraveling.

Step in front of my camera and I will show you who you are. The magic. The beauty. The one who fought so hard. This warrior-woman you are, surviving the night. Daylight is here.

Only because first I learned who I am can I give this to you.

And I will humbly teach you (those photographers who wish to learn) at my upcoming workshop in April.

There will be a live demo of one of my connection-sessions at the Dallas workshop.

Here I will demonstrate a variety of techniques I use to connect and create a safe place for a subject to unravel.

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