From Imposter to Empowered in 5 Days

Are you a creative entrepreneur or photographer, constantly feeling like an

imposter in your own success story?

Tired of underpricing your work, overworking, and feeling like

you're not 'good enough' to achieve more?

Tired of sabotaging all the good that does come your way -- are you ready to get out of your OWN way?

Imposter Syndrome is the silent, invisible enemy holding back countless talented entrepreneurs from reaching their full potential.

And it's likely costing you financially too. $$$$

How so? By causing you to undercharge for your services and avoid risks that could lead to greater profit, Imposter Syndrome can be a significant barrier to your income growth.


We silently think...

"Who am I to...."
"Wait if they find out..."
"They are going to reject me if..."
"If they only knew..."

And it's PARALYZING. You can't create while entertaining those thoughts.


But it doesn't have to be your story any longer. And you are NOT alone.

Introducing the Imposter to Empowered 5-Day Challenge.

This revolutionary program is designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs and photographers like you, who are ready to shatter their self-doubts, harness their unique skills, and step confidently into their power. It's time to break free from the shackles of Imposter Syndrome and unlock your true earning potential.

What Will You Achieve in 5 Days?

✔️ Day 1: Understanding Imposter Syndrome - Discover what Imposter Syndrome is, its neuroscience, and how it’s secretly sabotaging your business and income potential.

✔️ Day 2: Unmasking Imposter Syndrome - Explore the disguises of Imposter Syndrome in your personal and professional life. Recognize how it shows up for you.

✔️ Day 3: Taming Your Inner Critic - Learn to silence your inner critic. Turn that voice of self-doubt into your biggest cheerleader.

✔️ Day 4: Rewriting the Narrative - Shift your internal dialogue from self-deprecating to self-empowering. Create a new personal narrative that supports your success.

✔️ Day 5: Stepping Into Empowerment - Put it all together. Step into your power with confidence and resilience, ready to unleash your creativity and grow your business.

Includes bonus EFT Tapping video on Overcoming Imposter Syndrome. Tapping helps you rewire old thought patterns (Imposter Syndrome) into more positive ones (I am worthy of success).

Are You Ready to Transform from Imposter to Empowered Entrepreneur?

No more fear of failure. No more self-doubt. It's time to embrace your success, recognize your worth, and skyrocket your business.

By the end of this 5-Day challenge, you'll have the tools, understanding, and self-belief to take your business to the next level, and start earning what you truly deserve.

Your success story starts here.

Your transformation starts now.

Take the leap. Join the 'Imposter to Empowered' 5-Day Challenge today!

Click the 'Buy Now' button and let's beat Imposter Syndrome together.

Because you ARE worth it. And your soulmate clients are waiting for YOU to show up powerfully in your business as your authentic self.

I know because I've been there. Doing this work took me from feeling like a fraud to six-figures.

Thanks to Imposter Syndrome my work NEVER felt good

enough because I never felt good enough. Imposter Syndrome cost me so much over my 20 years as a professional photographer and photographer educator. Now I'm here to partner with you to show you how to take YOUR power back from Imposter Syndrome.

5-Day Challenge Begins September 25th, 2023

Each day of the challenge will have 3-5 bite-sized videos delivering powerful, potent content.

Each day will have (optional) homework to help you implement what you've

learned so you can experience immediate results in your confidence and sales

Win prizes in the 5-Day Challenge Facebook Group plus a bonus Live call with me so I

can answer any questions that may come up for you during the challenge.

The materials are yours to keep and enjoy forever.

Pre-Sale Now $37 (reg. $97)

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Includes Bonus Canva Template Pack For Photographers

Included Templates:

  • 30page Photography Welcome Guide Canva Template
  • 20page Photography Pricing Guide Canva Template
  • 20page Photography Newsletter Canva Templates
  • 50page Instagram Stories Canva Templates
  • 50page Instagram Feed Posts Canva Templates
  • 13page How-To-Use Canva Guide

Templates are completely customizable and come with text and stock images.

Please note: these templates can only be used in Canva (which is FREE) and no further instructions come with purchase. The how-to guide is detailed.

Templates are not for sharing, selling, or redistributing.