"I help ambitious heart-centered photographers step out of things like overwhelm and self-sabotage by aligning their mindset so that they can be the confident, (deliberate, not desperate), creators ready to attract soulmate clients and up-level their impact and income."

Skye Edmonds is the emotive childhood photographer behind the nationally known brand, Work of Heart Photography (est. 2004), and founder of The Six-Figure Photographer Podcast. For the past 17years, she has helped thousands of photographers create the business of their dreams at her 100+ in-person workshops across the country and did over 2 million in sales of her e-book, The Workshop Workbook for Photographers.

Skye is an intuitive mindset coach as well as a certified somatic therapies + certified nervous system practitioner (polyvagal institute). She's committed to helping creatives get clarity, start taking action, and reconnect to their intuition. She stands for unapologetic vulnerability and walks boldly in wholeness and healing while freeing other women along the way.