Can you relate...? 🥺

✔️ Are you a photographer, constantly feeling overworked,

overwhelmed, and burned out, ready to throw in the towel, but don't want to give up your love of the art of photography?

✔️ Feel like you are just trying to get by and have no time to reconnect

with your creative spark and your work shows your lack of inspiration?

✔️ Tired of underpricing your work, overworking, and feeling like

you're not 'good enough' to achieve more? But the thought of new pricing is too overwhelming?

✔️ Do you find yourself sabotaging new or current client relationships or opportunities to to make more income -- and you don't know WHY?

✔️ Are you tired of 3 am editing sessions while your kids are asleep only to wake up to emails from clients demanding to know where their galleries are?

✔️ Are you ready to leave your 9-5 job and finally jump full-time into a photography business, but already feel so overwhelmed in life, that you don't know if you will ever take the leap?

✔️ Are you living on caffeine and adrenaline to overcome the crippling fatigue, with clumps of hair in the shower and gaining weight no matter how little you eat or how much you work out?

I was tired of drowning in cortisol and then experiencing a lack of it. 

Tired of running a business in a way that made my hair fall out. All. The. Time.

Tired of living off of caffeine and adrenaline.

Works for Lorelei Gilmore, but me, not so much.

Do You Want Instead...? 🥰

✔️ To feel reconnected to your love of photography and have full access to creativity and inspiration with ease?

✔️ To feel confident about your pricing or implementing new pricing in order to uplevel your profit in 2024?

✔️ To no longer resort to sabotaging client relationships or new opportunities to to make more income -- you are open to receiving MORE abundance?

✔️ Saying goodbye to 3am editing sessions and actually SLEEP -- when you are awake you never miss a practice or special moment with your child, you are able to be fully present with your family?

✔️ To finally be able to set firm boundaries with clients to protect yourself from ever becoming burned out again -- because you are worth protecting.

✔️ To finally leave that 9-5 job and jump full-time into a photography business?

✔️ Done living on caffeine and adrenaline and feel energized throughtout your day? Hair stops falling out and you finally lose that fat on your tummy and acne on your chin?

I know because I've been there.

At least sixteen of my nearly twenty years as a portrait photographer and photographer educator I've been burned out, overwhelmed, stuck, and living on adrenaline and caffeine to meet deadlines and push to new levels in my business. My body paid the price and eventually, said NO.

I've since found there is another way without "cortisol cocktails" to push me on.

I can work less and make more when I'm not at the end of my rope. There's more of me for my own sake, but also to give to my husband and children as well as past and new clients and back into six figures with ease instead of overwhelm.

2024 is your time to go from BURNED OUT to BOOKED UP

What is in the Guide?

It's my story of burnout to being booked out.

This 149+ page guide is everything and I do mean everything that worked for me in my journey to healing stage 3 adrenal fatigue (HPA Axis Dysfunction).

I had warning signs for YEARS telling me to stop, rest, change my ways, but I didn't listen. Honestly, I didn't know HOW.

Adrenal fatigue can take up to three years or more to recover from, but in three months time in implementing the techniques, supplements and therapies in this guide, I've gone from barely able to move from the couch to my bed, to walking 45min and carrying on my normal business tasks -- without exhaustion.

If you know there has to be more than what you are experiencing, and cannot take another day feeling the way you are feeling...but don't know where to start?

This guide may save you YEARS of research -- it's all in one place.

It's NOT meant to be another thing in your life screaming, "Do this..." this guide is an invitation to finally be the advocate for your body and your own self and say "I matter. I don't have to feel this way anymore."

Because living life in fight or flight might be considered "normal", and waking up at 3 am "wired but tired" might be considered "normal"... but it's NOT. It's not normal, it's only an indicator that something might be wrong.

Let 2024 you stand up for YOU and start your own healing journey.

Let me tell you, one photographer to another, life after burnout feels GOOD.

It's worth it. You are worth it.


Is this for photographers only?

There is some wording that is applicable to photographers, but honestly, ANY woman who is feeling exhaustion and burnout can benefit from this guide. I could give my Mom this guide and she'd benefit.

Do you have to have adrenal fatigue to get a lot from this guide?

Absolutely not, I WISH I had access to a guide like this years ago to possibly help me PREVENT the difficult journey I've been through. This guide is my way of giving back and helping others avoid complete burnout and collapse.

Is this guide meant to be medical advice?

NO, I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV -- this guide is *my* journey to wellness and lists all the things that have truly helped me recover so that you can work WITH your trusted healthcare professional to see what may work for you.

Do you sell hard (printed) copies?

No, the book is in downloadable e-book format only. This makes it easy to share all the links with you. However, you are welcome to print your copy at home or at a place like Staples.

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